Opera updates its Symbian and Android browsers

Opera updates its Symbian and Android browsers

There’s certainly been no summer holidays for those diligent developers at Opera. Not content with updating its popular Opera Mini app last week, the company has now released new versions of its mobile web browser for Android and Symbian phones.

Yesterday Opera Mini for Android jumped out of Beta to version 5.1, bringing it in line with last week’s updates on other mobile platforms. The new version includes an enhanced browser skin that allows more pages to be open at the same time. It boasts a refined browser performance, including faster scrolling of pages.

Today, there’s more good news for Opera fans. Symbian S60 phone users can now enjoy built-in geolocation support through the new Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta. This means that web services such as maps and travel applications can offer you tailored, relevant content based on your location.

Other additions to the Opera Mobile browser include the Carakan JavaScript engine and the Vega graphics library. I’m not a huge fan of bizarrely-named proprietary systems in this age of open standards, but if Opera reckons it’ll make looking at the web on a phone much nicer, I guess it’s fine with me.

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