Opera VPN for Android is Finally Here

Opera VPN for Android is Finally Here

VPNs are the hottest apps right now and no one is surprised. We are constantly reminded that many apps on our phones are tracking our location, collecting our information and accessing our data. Having a security tool to conceal your identity and location can be very reassuring.

Why Care About VPNs?

Apart from being an obvious security risk, it is disturbingly creepy to receive notifications that says things like “If you leave your office now, you’ll arrive home in 14 minutes” or “Would you like to share these pictures you took of David and Elle at Central Park on your wall?”

Opera VPN Apps

So when Opera, the makers of the popular Opera browser, released the iOS version of their Free VPN app earlier this year, it became an instant success with iPhone and iPad users. And this week, Opera finally dropped the Android version of Opera VPN.

Get Opera VPN for Android and iOS here.

How’s it better?

Unlike other VPN apps, Opera VPN is completely free, comes without data limits, doesn’t require a subscription or login, and offers advanced Wi-Fi protection features. As if that wasn’t enough, they also included bonus features like an ad blocker and tracker stopper.

Opera 1Opera 2Opera 3

Setting up the app is painless, and running it is simple enough for most people. You get the choice of surfing from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands.


Should you get it?

So do we like them? Yes, pretty much. Should you get them? Probably.

Get Opera VPN for Android and iOS here.



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