Opera’s special announcement will not be Opera 10

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A lot of people are beginning to talk about Opera’s special announcement planned for next week. A special page on the developer’s website states that at 9 a.m. this Tuesday, Opera will “reinvent the web”. But what could they be talking about?

Checking out the page’s source code [thanks to Pallab for this!] reveals this secret message:

<!-- 	We start our little story with the invention of the modern day computer.
Over the years, the computers grew in numbers, and the next natural step in the
evolution was ...  -->

This little teaser has also begun to show up on Twitter, along with the next part which continues:

… to connect them together. To share things … #reinvent

Our natural assumption when we saw all this was: Opera 10’s about to drop. That’d be great news and it’d just about explain a bit of viral hype building on Opera’s side. However, if we are looking at the release of version 10, Opera are being much more reticent than normal. Our request for a preview (which would normally be answered with a URL to download the final version under embargo) was answered with a cryptic message stating that Opera will be unveiling ‘a new technology‘ on Tuesday, and that there’ll be a live webcast.

Operawatch has plenty of interesting comments regarding what the exciting announcement might be (the least exciting of which would be a beta for the new version of Opera Mini – I mean, come on!). The most likely idea seems to be something to do with cloud computing (see the pic?) .

Our best guess is that Opera will announce that their new browser will feature a ubiquitous experience across devices and machines with everything possible (cookies, history, bookmarks and more) handled in the cloud. It’s difficult to imagine quite how far they’ll take server side technology, but looking at the company’s history, this is definitely the direction they’re heading in.

Got a better guess? Let us know….

Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

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