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trello iconTrello is an awesome organizational tool that’s available on the iPhone, Android, and starting today, the iPad. If you’re familiar with how Trello works on the web, the iPad app will make you feel at home immediately.

We are avid Trello users here at Softonic. It helps us manage different projects and tasks. The whole ecosystem is very fleshed out and everything syncs flawlessly.

Here’s what it’s like to use.

Trello is sorted into different “boards” that you can label and move around. Other subsections consist of “cards” that you can drag and drop. The iPad app works just like you would expect on the web so you can drag and drop cards from board to board. Swipe left and right to view more boards.

trello for ipad

At the top, there are handy notifications and quick access to different boards. There is even a connection status so you can tell if your changes are being reflected on Trello’s servers.

trello ipad notifications

If you open up a card, you can view and change every detail of the card. You can assign members of your group, add attachments, create checklists, set due dates, and much more. Trello is a great project management tool.

trello opened card

Finally, you can drag out the activity feed on the right, giving you a view of every little activity that has happened on that specific Trello board. This is where you can add more members to your team.

trello activity feed

Be sure to read our full reviews for Trello on Android and iOS. Trello also has a sweet demo video for its new app so hit up the source link to watch it!

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Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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