Organize your contacts online with Plaxo

Plaxo logoIf you’re the sort of person that likes to keep their contacts neatly organized and haven’t tried Plaxo yet, then it’s worth checking out version 3.0, which has been launched today. Although the Web-based contact management tool has come under criticism in the past for its slow loading times and inability to import data from IM clients, this latest update seems to be moving the PIM service in the right direction.

New features in the Web app include find-as-you-type searching and click-to-call buttons in the address book section, as well as a new calendar section that integrates Yahoo weather alongside your schedule. Of particular note is the new content sharing system, ‘Pulse,’ which allows you subscribe to your friend’s content feeds as well as create your own feeds by pulling in data from popular web services. At the moment those services are limited to Flickr photos, Amazon wish lists and blog feeds, but we could see this evolving into a decent mash-up tool in the future. Either way, it certainly looks like Plaxo will be leading the way in online contact management in the coming months.

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