Our top 5 desktop radio apps

Niamh Lynch


With music software, we’re pretty spoiled for choice. Between managers like iTunes, programs like Spotify and webapps like Pandora, we could listen to music every second of every day until we die, and we still wouldn’t get through everything out there! So why would you want a desktop radio app?

Well, that’s simple – boredom! At some point, you’ll probably get bored of your own music collection and picking what to listen to will seem like a chore. Instead of having to make all those hard decisions, download an internet radio app and let the DJ do it for you!

RadioSure: One of the original and best radio streaming apps. This little app has more stations than you can shake a stick at – and if you happen to discover a new one, adding stations is as  easy as pie. The quality is high, the sound is great and the interface is a user’s dream come true!

Nexus Radio: A slick alternative that covers all the bases. This attractive app lives up to the high standards set by RadioSure, with bunches of stations and a easy-use interface. One nice touch however, is the ability to schedule radio recordings, perfect for if you want to listen to radio programs as well as music, for instance.

Screamer Radio: The perfect app if you like to keep things simple. Screamer does everything its rivals do, but has a seriously pared-down interface and operates from tiny minimized controls in your task bar. The perfect app for low-maintenance users.

Tapin Radio: This app is very similar to Screamer; it’s pared down and simple. Where it does differ, however, is it’s excellent recording functions and sleep timer, making it perfect for users who want the flexibility of radio combined with the controllability of personal recordings.

Online Radio Tuner: Ok, so this app isn’t going to win any prizes for imaginative names, but if you want a great radio app with a high level of control over technical aspects and recording scheduling, Online Radio Tuner is the one for you. It’s also got MSN Messenger integration!

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