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Leaked screenshots show the next version of Outlook for Mac

Leaked screenshots show the next version of Outlook for Mac
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Microsoft Office for Mac has long lagged behind its Windows counterpart. There have been doubts whether Microsoft wants to continue its productivity push on Mac but you can put those doubts to rest. Leaked images of the next version of Outlook for Mac show Microsoft is readying a new version of Office for Mac.

The changes seen in the leaked screenshots show a conservative refresh. Outlook for Mac 16 looks to bring the app up to par with the Outlook 2013 on Windows.

The interface is the same but incorporates OS X Yosemite’s use of translucency. Outlook for Mac 16 is also Retina Display ready with huge icons that look crisp on high resolution displays.

Outlook for Mac 16 ribbon Retina Display icons

There will also be support for the Notification Center in OS X Yosemite where you can view all your alerts at once.

Sections for mail, calendar, people, tasks and more are located at the bottom. Office for Mac 2011 introduced Mac users to the ribbon interface and it carries over to the new version as well.

Outlook for Mac 16 calendar

Microsoft’s productivity suite for Mac is playing catch-up to the company’s Windows version. It’s not a reinvention of email like Google’s Inbox, but it doesn’t have to be. For businesses users, Office is still one of the best productivity tools around.

Office for Mac 2016 is rumored to be arriving some time this year.

Source: cnBeta

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