Over 900 classic arcade games are now available from The Internet Archive

Over 900 classic arcade games are now available from The Internet Archive
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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The Internet Archive is dedicated to ensuring that we don’t lose all of our internet heritage, keeping copies of websites and much more, that has long since ceased to exist. Now, the organization has added over 900 classic arcade games that can be emulated and played free in your browser.

The Internet Archive says that not all of the games are playable though – they are straight emulations, and may not work with your PC controls. However, many of them work well, and there is support for gamepads if you have one connected.

The downside of The Internet Archive’s arcade collection is speed. You may find the site slow to load pages, and loading games can also take a very long time. Still, there are some big name titles in there, like Arkanoid, Street Fighter 2 and OutRun. Firefox is the recommended browser for these arcade games, but others will work (though, for example, we found some games ran slower in Chrome).

Another way to check out old arcade games is using the MAME emulator, which you can download here.

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