Ovi App Wizard: An easy way to make Nokia software

Ovi App Wizard: An easy way to make Nokia software

OnSoftware mobile appDeveloping software applications for mobile phones can be a long and complicated process. In general, if you want to make your site into an app you either need some technical know-how or a budget to pay for someone that does. Not any more though, thanks to Nokia’s groovy new Ovi App Wizard.

The free online tool is still in beta stage but it works very well, allowing you to make your own Symbian app within just a few minutes. Ovi App Wizard can take feeds from RSS, Twitter, YouTube and the like, and turn them into a stylish and functional mobile application. Once you’ve finished you can publish your app to the Ovi Store, and even add advertising to the software to make a bit of cash.

How to make a Nokia application in 5 minutes

1. Visit the Ovi App Wizard site and click the link to Try it out. You’ll now be asked to enter the link to the RSS feed of the main content you want to appear in the app.

Ovi App Wizard 1

2. Now you can add links to up to three more RSS feeds. You’ll see a preview of how the app is looking in the emulator.

Ovi App Wizard 2

3. Now’s it’s time to customize the appearance of your app. You should choose an application name and define the titles of your channels. You also need to upload logos, which will appear both in the program and as its icon. Have a play around with the color options too, to get the look and feel suited to your content.

Ovi App Wizard 3

4. You’re now obliged to register for an app wizard account. Don’t worry though, it’s free!

Ovi App Wizard 4

5. If you choose to monetize your app, one of the supported ad providers will be able to send money your way in exchange for links within your software.

Ovi App Wizard 5

6. The next step is to add publishing information and select distribution options. This includes a product and publisher description for the Ovi Store, category of application, and the price you want to charge for the app (it can be free, of course).

Ovi App Wizard 6

7. Now you’re given the option to submit your app to the Ovi Store or view it in the emulator to test it out before publishing.

Ovi App Wizard 7

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