Palm buries Foleo

Palm FoleoOn his blog, Ed Colligan, CEO of Palm, announced today that they would cancel the Foleo project…for now. In what seems to be a strategic shift, Palm will instead ” focus all of (their) energies on delivering (their) next generation platform and the first smartphones that will bring this platform to market.” Ed Colligan further admitted that they still need quite “a number of improvements to make Foleo a world-class product” which they obviously wouldn’t be able to tend to with Foleo not being their priority at the moment. Palm will not completely kill off the project and, as their CEO wrote, a Foleo II willl hopefully be released at a later date, once the new platform is up and working properly.

Tom had already covered the announcement of the Foleo back in May, and had pointed out the mixed feelings among Palm users. The Foleo, a Linux-based ‘subnotebook’, was seen as the ideal companion to smartphones and the perfect device for professionals on the go. Lighter, smaller, cheaper and with better battery life than a traditional laptop, the Foleo would have been able to connect to the Internet via WiFi or a smartphone if the latter was not available. Still, many had pointed out how a subnotebook never really has managed to succeed, and that, at a projected price of $500, users can easily purchase a laptop of superior quality.

A slight disappointment then, but if it means that Palm will come up with a better Foleo in the future then giving it up for now is probably worth it.

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