Pandora introduces personalized station recommendations

Lewis Leong


Pandora users on Android and iOS can look forward to new personalized radio station recommendations today as the app will now suggest artists and stations based on your listening habits. At the moment, Pandora for mobile will only suggest up to 6 different artists stations when you’re at the “Create a Station” screen. Alternatively, users can scroll to the bottom of their stations list to see the recommendations.

Pandora personalized recommendations

Pandora introduces personalized station recommendations

The algorithm for personalized station recommendations will get smarter and smarter the more you use and interact with Pandora. Each thumbs up or down will train Pandora to be smarter about what it recommends you in the future. Pandora has received over 35 billion thumbs up and down since its launch in 2005, helping to server listeners more relevant content.

The update should be hitting the App Store and Google Play soon.

Source: Pandora


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