Papa Pear Saga comes to iOS and Android

Papa Pear Saga comes to iOS and Android

King, the developers of Candy Crush Saga have launched Papa Pear Saga worldwide on iOS and Android. It’s another casual, free to play game based around dropping Papa Pears through obstacles into barrels below.

Papa Pear Saga features 120 levels spread over eight episodes. On each level you have a limited number of Papa Pears, and you may have to reach a certain score, make other objects drop into the barrels, or light up each separate barrel. Unlike Candy Crush Saga, which is based on quick thinking and a bit of luck, Papa Pear Saga requires less thought. The Papa Pears bounce around the levels a lot as they hit the obstacles, giving the game more of a feeling of luck than skill.

The game is really well presented, with fun sound effects and bright, colorful graphics. You can buy in game currency, in packs of various sizes, which allows you to buy various boosters or pay to continue playing if you fail a level. From what we’ve seen so far, you can progress without buying gold bars, but they do make your life a lot easier, especially considering the amount of luck involved in playing.

It’s hard to have two hits as big as Candy Crush Saga, but Papa Pear has already made it big on Facebook, with almost 15 million players. The game is really easy to get into, and despite its simplicity, it’s compelling and fun to play.

Download Papa Pear for Android and iOS.

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