Paper, the latest app from Facebook, launches February 3rd in US

Paper, the latest app from Facebook, launches February 3rd in US

Paper is a new app from Facebook that takes the news feed and recreates it in a similar style to Flipboard. It will be released on February 3rd for iOS in the US at first.

Paper is less about being social, and more about sharing and discovering content, whether it be photos, news articles, video and so on. It doesn’t have the familiar buttons from the Facebook app – instead you have to learn some basic gestures to navigate the app. As you can see in the video below, Paper is all about making content on Facebook look good. It’s a radical change from the traditional app, but it’s not a replacement, or at least not yet!

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A new Facebook app like this is an interesting departure for the social network. It suffers a lot of criticism from the community when it makes small changes to its interface or features. In creating Paper to stand alongside the traditional app, Facebook may sidestep the possible uproar that changing the traditional app could start. If you like Paper, you can use it, if not stick with the original Facebook app.

No announcements have been made about either an Android version of Paper, or when it might be launched worldwide. Paper is the first app to come from Facebook’s Creative Labs, its innovation and ideas department.


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