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Increase your PDF productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Increase your PDF productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro
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When you think of the Adobe Acrobat Pro brand, you’re probably thinking that it’s only for creating PDF documents. Sadly, so many working professionals don’t realize that it provides plenty of other benefits, making you more productive at home and in the office. Instead of using different apps, you’ll find an all-in-one solution with the latest features.

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Anything you need to do, Acrobat can do it. Reduce work stress and improve productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro with some of the latest tools. Let’s take a look at how it’s no longer a static document viewer.

The benefits of Adobe Acrobat Pro

The most important benefit of Adobe Acrobat Pro is that you can use it as an all-in-one solution, reducing the need to open several applications for one task. That means you can edit a PDF and work with signature tools in one document instead of integrating it separately. The same applies to form fields.

It reminds me of a few years ago when I was compiling PDFs for a company overseas that wanted fields and spaces for signatures. Before I knew about the power of Adobe Acrobat Pro, I was making lines and field blocks in MS Word before converting it with a free PDF app and then adding images with another tool. Today, you can perform all your functions in Acrobat much faster with much less hassle.

The second advantage is that Adobe Acrobat Pro is incredibly versatile. There are plenty of tools that make your job easier to perform, completing your tasks in only a few clicks. You can edit any document without worrying about the format, convert your PDF to other formats, and integrate other apps for the functions you need. 

Finally, the Adobe Acrobat Pro system is very reliable. You can create and save a document to the Adobe Cloud where you won’t need to worry about it vanishing or anyone tampering with it. You can also set a password and lock the PDF, which is essential if you have a toddler around with fingers that explore.

How to increase productivity with your PDF

  1. Editing PDF documents and sending for signature

    Increase your PDF productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro

    There are different ways you can prepare your PDF for signatures with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Whether you need to send proposals, invoices, or legal documents, one of the easiest methods is simply clicking on the signature tool. It saves you from having to use a different app for the purpose.

    Another way is to create a template in the library. You’ll add a template name, the template file you usually use for a specific task, and then add fields. Now, whenever you need to send that proposal to a new client, you’re only a few clicks away instead of spending an hour on it. Now, isn’t that more efficient?

  2. Sharing and commenting

    Increase your PDF productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Since I work from home with clients and colleagues in more than 10 countries, it can become quite tedious sending documents to them and waiting for replies on various apps and email platforms. A more efficient way of working is collaborating and discussing changes on the go. It cuts down on what might take as long as a week to only a day or two. 

    Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat Pro lets you share documents and comment on them all on the same platform. You choose which files you want to share, and your team or clients will receive them instantly. From there, you can have discussions on the document and share new ideas. It’s way more productive to work this way in the modern age.

  3. Protecting your confidential information

    Increase your PDF productivity with Adobe Acrobat Pro

    One aspect of work I truly dislike is admin. I work with several documents on a daily basis, being a journalist, content creator, project manager, account manager, editor, game writer, and novelist. With so many roles, you can imagine how hard it is to track my documents and make sure no one gains access to a file they shouldn’t.

    Instead of relying on other apps and tools to secure my files, it’s easier to simply open the password settings for the document in Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can also set permissions for different people to also view or edit the files, making sure that only the right people lay their eyes on them. As the owner of these PDFs, no one else can make changes to the password.

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