PES 2015 is out, but the PC demo is AWOL

PES 2015 is out, but the PC demo is AWOL

PES 2015 is out now. Widely accepted as being a much better game than last year’s, in many people’s opinion, it plays better than FIFA 15, something that hasn’t been true for many years. But there’s a mystery – the PES 2015 PC demo.

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Konami announced that a PES 2015 demo for PC would be released when the game came out, and have even published a news story on their site saying it’s available now through Steam and direct download.

Except it’s not.

We asked the Official PES Twitter account for comment, and it replied that Konami’s priority is fixing DLC problems that gamers who bought the game are having first. As soon as the demo appears, we’ll update this post.

Read our comparison of FIFA 15 and PES 2015, and our full review of PES 2015 here.

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