Photo montages the easy way

When you see photo effects like the one accompanying this post you probably think it’s too complicated for you. But I bet you’ll be surprised to see how easy it was to apply this effect and,  by extension, all the effects offered in an amazing website called

Easy photo effects

Whether you’re a skilled Photoshop user or you can’t draw a straight line with your mouse, this online tool will surely get you out of trouble more than once. You can choose between more than 50 different photo effects, some of them with a special face recognition technology, and apply it to your favorite photo in a couple of clicks.

Photofunia does it all: you only have to worry about selecing the one effect you like and then choosing the right picture in order to obtain the best results. Once the effect is applied you can save it directly to your hard drive, save it as avatar (which automatically crops and resizes the photo to a 100×100 pixels thumbnail) or publish it straight away to ImageShack.

However if you don’t like the way your photo montage comes out or you simply prefer to control the effect’s settings by yourself, you can also try any of these software tools. They’ve all been especially developed to assist you in the creation of funny photo montages and other effects, such as warping or morphing, in a very easy way

  • Zeallsoft FunPhotor – Blend family portraits into funny templates
  • FaceOnBody -Hilarious photo collages in a few easy steps
  • ArcSoft FunHouse – Customizable photo montages with more than 150 templates
  • FotoMorph – Create an amazing morphing effect between two pictures
  • DeformerPro – Quick and easy warping effects for your photos
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