Photo transfers as easy as PIE

PIE ScreenshotMost camera to PC transfer software is pretty basic – it gets the pictures from your camera to your PC and that’s it. PIE (Picture Information Extractor) however is aimed at those who want to know more about the photos and improve their photo taking skills.

The exposure information of every photos you take is saved in the JPG file (the meta data) which remains as long as the file is not modified. Normally, any modification to the JPG file will destroy this data. PIE works by preserving exposure information in standard text files, which also may be imported into a spreadsheet or database. It also allows you to rewrite more user friendly file names instead of the generic numbers that most extractors assign to them. PIE displays the photos in chronological order, which is useful to track the progression of your holiday snaps. One extra special little feature is the ability to rotate JPG pictures without any loss of quality since there’s no decompression/compression.

If you really want to improve the exposure setting of your camera for different occasions and become an all round better photographer, you’ll find PIE an invaluable tool.

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