Picplz to shut down permanently on July 3

Picplz to shut down permanently on July 3

Picplz, my personal favorite photo sharing, web and mobile app, will close permanently on July 3. In just a few short weeks, all the pictures and data you have stored on the Picplz website will be deleted.

No public reason was given for Picplz’s sudden shutdown announcement on the site itself. Given the flux of photo sharing services flooding both the Android and iOS markets, plus Instagram’s recent launch of an immensely popular Android app, it’s not difficult to come to your own conclusions however. In addition, Picplz co-founder, Dalton Caldwell, has also said that the team operating the photo-sharing service has moved its focus to other projects.

July 2 is the deadline for users to backup their photos from the Picplz website, and there are several ways to do this.Quite similar to Instagram, Picplz offered a network in which to share your photos, as well as the ability to share pictures you took with your mobile device on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and more. Picplz also provided filters you could apply to your photos before sharing to change the look, feel, and even color of your images.

At least Picplz gave notice of their impending shutdown. This will give users the opportunity to save their pictures before the service closes its doors and deletes all photos and data a few weeks from now.

Saving your photos

Just log into your Picplz account online, browse through your photos, and click the ‘download’ button on any photos you’d like to keep.

This will unfortunately be a considerably tedious project for people who’ve shared hundreds of pictures on the site. If you’re not concerned too much about size or quality, another option would be to use a screen capture program to get the job done.

If neither of those options sounds appealing, here’s another suggestion – check to see where you consistently shared your photos. If you chose the option to share on Flickr every single time, you might not even need to worry about downloading all of your photos in one fell swoop. You’ll have saved them to another photo-sharing service already!

As for finding a new photo-sharing community, there’s always hugely popular Instagram. I’m also a big fan of Streamzoo, which is available on both Android and iOS. If you want still more options, check out Chris’ post introducing five creative apps for mobile devices.

Update: Picplz now also allows users to download all their photos in one convenient click.Clicking the link will download a zip drive of every photo you’ve ever uploaded to Picplz for storage on your own PC.

What’s your photo-sharing service of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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