Pimp my WoW: five add-ons for World of Warcraft

Pimp my WoWWorld of Warcraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular MMORPGs you can play today. With over nine million subscribers worldwide, this epic adventure has seduced players of all ages, sometimes to such an extent that they have been accused of neglecting their family, friends and their so called ‘real life’.

In spite of tabloids blaming WoW for broken relationships, the game is perfectly healthy as you can tell from the increasing number of WoW plug-ins that have been developed lately. These plug-ins, created by players themselves, are used either to implement a new function that WoW didn’t have or to improve one that was already featured in the game. In any case, they’re all intended to make your WoW experience even better!

  • Cosmos – a pack of plug-ins to enhance game’s functionality
  • Auctioneer – optimize your auction management and earn more WoW gold
  • Gatherer – locate mining and herbalism resources faster and more easily
  • Cartographer – improve WoW maps by adding coordinates, notes and other tips
  • Titan – a highly customizable info bar to display all sorts of useful information
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