Pimp your Winamp

Pimp your Winamp

WinampWindows is often divided into two camps – you’re either Winamp or iTunes when it comes to music. I’ve always been a Winamp man myself. Yes, it might not have all the bells and whistles of iTunes, it might not have integration with an online music store but it’s lightweight, fast and simple – a bit like myself, I like to think. Anyway, to prove Winamp is not as dull as some think it is, here are some great add-ons to breathe new life into it.

Winamp TV is a plugin for that lets you control your TV tuner card from within Winamp. TV and FM radio channels can be saved as small files which are queued in a playlist, added to the music library or just played one by one. The plugin lets you run the sound of the TV or radio stations through Winamp’s equalizer, DSP and output plugin.

Don’t like the look of Winamp? Let’s face it, the default skin is not great so why not try this really cool Pioneer car stereo skin. It comes with 12 different colour combinations and several cool animations, which you can define and customize in whatever way you want.

Finally, want to meet people with the same musical tastes as you? Then try Audioscribbler for Winamp. Audioscrobbler is a plugin that creates your profile in terms of what music you like. It works by ‘listening’ to what you’re playing and sending (or ‘scrobbling’) this information to its user database. You need to register as an Audioscrobbler user, which will then allow you to access the program’s site, Last.fm, where all your statistics are stored. You can add as many personal details as you want, participate in forums, or exchange messages with like-minded music lovers. Join the social-music revolution!

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