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Pizza Hut announces robotic mobile pizza factory

As the fast food market heats up, Pizza Hut is rolling out robots to cut down on wait times. Partnering with Toyota (which is currently attempting to create self-driving cars with Uber), Pizza Hut has created a robotic pizza maker that sits in the bed of a truck. Take a look:

This robot, named the Tundra PIE Pro, is able to cook pizzas on the way to customers’ houses, ensuring that the pizza is nice and warm as soon as it arrives. The Tundra PIE Pro is also emission free, which is surprising of a robot of that size and power.

When an order is placed, the TPP uses its robotic arm to take the correct pizza out of the fridge and into the oven. After six or seven minutes, the pizza is cooked. Another arm then reaches into the oven and places the pizza on a cutting board. The arm then slices the pizza into six even slices and places it into a box. As it stands, a driver would physically deliver the pizza to the door once the TPP arrives at its destination. However, in the future Toyota will use its self-driving technology to skip the driver altogether, making pizza delivery a completely automated experience.

Pizza Hut isn’t the only fast food chain experimenting with futuristic technology. Rival Domino’s Pizza used unmanned drones to deliver pizzas to hungry customers in New Zealand last year. Domino’s cited the quick delivery times, as the drones would be able to fly over traffic and travel quickly and directly to customers.

Additionally, Chipotle used drones to rain down burritos on starving Virginia Tech students in a scene that can only be described as Heaven on Earth.

Pizza Hut has revealed that it plans to use the technology within months. As more advanced technology is used by common fast food chains, it remains to see what will happen to their employees. Because the technology is still in its infancy, they hopefully won’t have to worry about their livelihoods just yet.

What do you think about robotic pizza makers? Is it a gimmick or the future? Let us know!

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