‘Places’ feature added to Google Maps for Android

‘Places’ feature added to Google Maps for Android

Google has today launched a neat update to its Google Maps Android app that makes it easier to find places of interest nearby. The new Places feature in version 4.4 of Google Maps allows you to quickly access information and reviews of places close to your current location.

Tapping the Places icon while in Google Maps and you can choose a category, such as gas stations, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Once selected you’ll see a list of closest matches, including their distance, compass bearing, description and even user reviews. You can customize your own location search categories, and even add the Places icon to your home screen.

This new update of Google Maps could be essential if you’re going on vacation soon. Thanks to Places you’ll be able to discover the best places to wine, dine and have fun with just a single tap of your phone. Click here from your Android phone to download the latest version of Google Maps from the Market.

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