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Plants vs Zombies 2: 13 essential tricks!

Plants vs Zombies 2: 13 essential tricks!
Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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With over 16 million downloads in its first 5 days, Plants vs Zombies 2 has become a social phenomenon!

Here, we give you 13 tips to help you become the best gardener/zombie hunter of all time!

1. Fertilizer is perhaps the most important innovation introduced in Plants vs. Zombies. The game encourages you to use this bonus often, only giving you the ability to store a few at a time (three at the beginning of the game). Fortunately for you (but unfortunately for the zombies), fertilizer pellets are regularly awarded

Your plants are crazy about fertilizer. Be generous, and they’ll reward you in return!

2. The Bonk-Choi is one of the new plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2. You can trust this Chinese cabbage brawler to bail you out of tricky situations. It can hit enemies from the front or behind, ideal for stopping the advance of zombies between holes in your defenses.

The Bonk-Choi at work

3. Don’t waste your time collecting suns. They may disappear if you’re not paying attention, or worse, the Ra Zombies might steal them!

4. Another new recruit, Iceberg Lettuce, is really effective in stopping the advance of faster zombies. Freeze your enemies in place and turn off the torches of the terrible Explorer Zombies. This is a plant to keep in your arsenal, but beware of its long recharge time.

5. Pay close attention to conditions for winning stars on each level. Some details can be confusing such as the famous flowers that you’ll have to protect during some missions.

The famous flowers need protection.

6. The shots of many plants are blocked by tombstones. Use the Cabbage-pults to catapult ammo over the tombstones.

7. Feel free to use your special powers in the case of a zombie rush! Better to lose a few pieces than lose the whole mission.

8. Be ruthless! What happens if a zombie breaks through your lines of defense and comes dangerously close to your lawn? Don’t hesitate to sacrifice some plants to gain time. Planting a Sunflower will give you precious seconds that will allow you to use special powers, plant an offensive weapon or use a fertilizer pellet!

9. Fortify your Nuts with a fertilizer pellet, perfect for strengthening weak defenses.

A fortified Nut

10. Consult the almanac to identify how to wisely invest your keys in improvements and plants. Some plants will be more useful than others; prioritize those that will be most useful to your playing style.

The Almanac – Plants vs Zombies 2

11. Having trouble finding yourself on the game map? Try taking a step back by tapping the magnifying glass. Note that you can also zoom in by pinching the screen.

It’s already looking clearer, right?

12. Any self-respecting strategist must know their troops inside out! Test the effects of fertilizer on all of the plants to boost your strategies. And who knows, you might even be surprised with the results!

13. Boxer extraordinaire, Bonk-Choi has an extension and can reach the zombies behind a nut or a tomb!

Questions about Plants vs Zombies 2? Let us know in the comments!

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Original article written by Samuel Marc, published on Softonic FR.

Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team