Play DVDs on your Zune player

Watch DVDs on the moveNow, I don’t own any portable multimedia player but if I had a Zune I’d be feeling pretty gutted right now. That’s because Sony has just announced a bucketload of new video features for its PSP, making the device probably the best way to enjoy movies on the move right now. Don’t envy your PSP-owning pals too much though, Zune users, because you can console yourself with the fact that you can watch DVDs in high quality on your device.

Step forward Acala DVD Zune Ripper, an intuitive program which converts your DVD movies to Zune videos. The program does a pretty good job of converting disks to the Zune format, preserving the resolution of the original so you can watch these movies in very high quality on your portable device.

The GUI is very simple, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. It means you can perform conversions very quickly and with no fuss whatsoever. However, it also lacks options, making it slightly less powerful than some of its rival apps. Nevertheless with the inclusion of an automatic shutdown function, DVD Zune Ripper is an efficient way of getting your favourite DVDs onto your Zune. Not so smug now, eh PSP boys? [Editor’s note: yeah, but we’ve got super-cool GPS too so there!]

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