Play Monopoly ‘live’ on Google Maps

Play Monopoly ‘live’ on Google Maps

Being a big fan of Monopoly, I was keen to give Monopoly City Streets a try. This online strategy game is a ‘live’ version of the classic board game, allowing you to trade real life properties using Google Maps. The game proves to be both easy to play and a whole lot of fun.

To get started in Monopoly City Streets you just need to search for a street and you’ll be able to see if it’s been built on or not. If the street is available you just need to pay the face value of it to the bank. If it’s already been bought by someone then you’ll need to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Once you own a street you can start building properties on it, just like in real Monopoly. There are different types of buildings you can construct, ranging from simple houses to huge tower blocks. During gameplay you’ll occasionally be dealt a ‘Chance’ card, which could mean one of your building’s is about to be demolished, or it could give you the chance to destroy another player’s property. Ultimately, the game is just an elaborate marketing vehicle for the new Monopoly City game. However, City Streets is still great fun to play and can prove highly addictive, as you try to hustle your way to the top of the online leaderboard.

Play Monopoly ‘for real’

Following the success of the Monopoly/Google Maps crossover, perhaps we’ll see more tie-ins between classic board games and today’s top web sites. Here are my suggestions, feel free to add your own:

Facebook Guess Who – Who’s that psychotic-looking gentleman who sent you a friend request

Firefox Buckaroo – Keep opening new tabs and see which page will cause Firefox to crash

TechCrunch Hangman – How many letters does it take for Michael Arrington to crucify a site?

Bing Risk – Will Microsoft become the World conquer the World of Search?

Google Trivia Pursuit – The only quiz game with all the answers

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