Play ping-pong on your PC

Play ping-pong on your PC

Devote your life to the love of ping-pongIf you own a Nintendo Wii then your life is about to get much, much better. Rockstar has just announced that it will release its Table Tennis game on the console later this year. Having played the impeccable XBox 360 version, I’m very excited about the prospect of a Wii version and all the frantic arm swinging that’s sure to accompany it.

Since the days of Pong, table tennis has been a sport that has translated well to computer format. If you can’t wait until September for the Nintendo release then don’t worry because there are lots of cool PC ping-pong games kicking about. Table Tennis Pro is one of the most realistic you’ll find, allowing you to knock the ball around in a 3D environment. If you’re looking for a free option then check out Cannon Smash, which emulates the real strategies of a game of table tennis. By the time Rockstar’s version comes out you’ll be ready to take on all comers.

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