Play PONG in Firefox

Play PONG in Firefox

pong.pngHow many of you have actually played PONG, one of the first video games ever invented? This table tennis game developed by Atari in 1972 revolutionized gaming by offering actual animated graphics and real time user reaction (yes, that’s what you call moving the bar around to hit the ball). PONG was a massive hit back in the day and is still venerated by true gamers as one of the ultimate classics of gaming.

Thanks to Captain Caveman, you can now install the PONG! Multiplayer extension to your Firefox browser. The extension is available from your toolbar and opens up a pop up Firefox window. PONG’s controls are super simple: The space bar releases the ball and you use the up and down arrows to move your bar. PONG includes four different game speeds, of which we don’t recommend trying “super insane” unless you’re feeling hyperactive.

The multiplayer feature, where you can supposedly play and chat online with other users, sounded exciting, but didn’t seem to work real well. You might have a hard time connecting with other people who have the extension installed on their Firefox.

PONG! Multiplayer extension is an excellent add-on to have on your Firefox browser, especially when you feel like taking a break.

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