Play Sega Genesis games on your iPhone

Play Sega Genesis games on your iPhone

As a lad, I remember the Sega Genesis being the pinnacle of home computer entertainment systems. My television was rarely used for actually watching TV and every main present at Christmas was cartridge-shaped. It shows how far we’ve come (or how old I am) that I can now play Genesis/Mega Drive games on my phone for just a few bucks. Of course, the experience isn’t quite the same as the old days, and the iPhone touchscreen isn’t always conducive to intuitive console-style gameplay. However, if you’re looking for a cheap thrill that will take you back to the glory days of the early Nineties then get these Sega classics on your iPhone now. Load up iTunes and click the links to the App Store pages.

Play Mega Drive Games on your iPhone

Duke Nukem – The original king of action returns for more mindless mutant-mashing mayhem

Sonic The Hedgehog – The speedy critter’s original and best adventure remade for the iPhone

Golden Axe – Relive your dragon-riding, dwarf-slashing childhood years

Ms. Pacman – Essentially Pacman with a bow on his head, but man was Ms. Pacman hot

Streets of Rage – Clean up the streets in this brutal side-scrolling beat-em-up from the old day

Columns– The second best falling-bricks game ever

Doom – OK, it’s not that scary now but at the time you couldn’t play it with the lights out

Bomberman – Explosive arcade fun on your iPhone

Worms – The slimy mercenaries return in this, one of the best games available for iPhone

Flashback – Make out like you’re James Bond in this stylish mystery adventure game

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