Play Spectrum classics on your PC

James Thornton


The Godfather of videogame consolesIf you were a child in the 80s and didn’t have a ZX Spectrum, then quite frankly you were a bit of a dork. The Sinclair computer is often credited as being the father of videogames and I’m sure most of us can remember a handful of classic games that helped to waste large chunks of our formative years. Revisiting some of these old titles makes you realise just how addictive they were, and here are some of my favourite PC remakes:

  • Cybernoid 2 – Get your blaster ready, there’s a whole lotta enemies to destroy
  • 3D Live Pool – It’s still pool and it’s still 3D but boy are the graphics better these days
  • Blasterball 2 – Arkanoid on steroids
  • Deluxe Pacman – He’s 30 years old but the famous yellow blob is still scared of ghosts
  • PiX Pang – Faithful remake of the Speccy classic
  • Lode Runner – Make haste with the treasure but watch out for guards
  • Boulder Dash – Pushing rocks has never been so much fun
  • Bomberic2 – Blow stuff up just like Bomberman used to
  • Dragon Jumper – Like Frogger but with a dragon
  • Echoes – Modern day version of Asteroids with souped-up visuals

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