Play Speedball 2 on Mac

Play Speedball 2 on Mac

If you’re old enough to remember hours spent playing Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe on the Commodore Amiga then you’ll be delighted to see its been reinvented for Mac in the form of  Speedball 2: Evolution.

Speedball 2 was possibly my favorite game on the Amiga (apart from Kick Off 2) because it was unique, fun, addictive and the action was pulsating. It looks like the Mac version has stayed pretty faithful to the original with the same retro graphics, sound effects (“Ice Cream! Ice Cream!”) and brutal gameplay. The aim is basically to outscore and smash your opponents into oblivion whether its with the metal ball that the players throw around the pitch or battering them with the body armor players wear.

Points are won by scoring goals, knocking out opponents, and also by hitting bumpers, stars and ramps on the pitch. This gives the game and element of pinball to it, and means that focusing on goal scoring is never enough. One of the most entertaining features is upgrading players with special qualities such as speed, stronger armor or more powerful throwing actions.

If you were a fan of the original, don’t go out and enjoy the sun this weekend. Stay in and try Speedball 2: Evolution on Mac. All weekend.

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