Play two free Flappy Bird tributes from Canabalt and Super Hexagon creators

Indie developers Terry Cavanagh of Super Hexagon fame, and Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman have created frustratingly fun tributes to Flappy Bird. They are Maverick Bird and Flappybalt, and are free to play online. They have been made for a indie games jam, Flappy Jam, where developers submit “a hard, almost unplayable game (and) use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics”.

The rise and fall of Dong Nguyen’s’ Flappy Bird prompted a wave of poor clones on app stores, many which are paid and some which have been found to include malware. The Flappy Jam is partly a response to that, with lots of fun, irreverent and hard games to play.

To push against the the negative feedback and online hate that seemed to push Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen into removing his apps and looking for a quiet life. The Flappy Bird jam plays with the idea that most games are influenced by others, and there is a difference between that and ‘clones’, which are just cheap attempts to make money by copying without any original ideas. Its homepage explains how;

Indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive,
envy and teasing should not belong to our
community, nor be a cause of suffering.

Once you’ve tried Maverick Bird and Flappybalt, check out the Flappy Jam site for more tribute games.


[Source: Flappy Jam]

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