Play W▲tch Dogs while you wait for Watch Dogs

Play W▲tch Dogs while you wait for Watch Dogs

UbiSoft’s Watch Dogs has been delayed until 2014, but indie developer CNIAngel has jumped in to fill the gap with W▲tch Dogs, his free ‘dog watching simulator.’

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, this free indie game allows you to sit back and watch an increasing number of bizarre dogs fill the screen. There’s apparently nothing more to it than that, but the developer says he has ‘added a couple more commands for cool people’. So far we haven’t found out what they could be.

W▲tch Dogs obviously has nothing to do with the upcoming open world adventure Watch Dogs. Ubisoft’s hyped game is one of the most anticipated of the year, and its delay is one of the big disappointments of the holiday release schedule.

Download W▲tch Dogs here.


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