PlayStation fans be warned: this news could make your life

PlayStation has given us some of the most memorable games since our childhood, and a recent announcement from Sony may just be about to make your day.

A press release was published last week on the Sony Computing Entertainment corporate website revealing that as of April 1st, the company will be changing its name to Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE). It also announced that it will be forming ForwardWorks Corporation, which is “a new company that is aimed to deplot new services toward the ever-expanding smart device market.”

Does this mean what we think it means? Could we really shortly seeing some of our favorite PlayStation characters hit the screens on our Android and iPhone devices?

Although the press release seems legitimate, one worries that the said launch date also happens to be April Fool’s Day – we really hope it’s not some kind of sick joke!

In any case, what games would you like to see on your mobile?

Here’s a quick reminder of just some of things we might expect to see:

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