Pocket apps to monitor your stock

Pocket apps to monitor your stock

There goes the stock marketBull or bear, market trends can change quickly, so it’s important to always have an eye on your portfolio, to make sure your shares are doing well. The best is if you can monitor them from your handheld and connect to the financial markets easily. Synchronize your device with the market websites to get up to date prices and monitor all important financial news.

TinyStocks Stock Manager is a PDA program with great synchronization features. It’s multi-currency, lets you set alerts, can retrieve specific values for the day and allows you to manage multiple portfolios. You can also use it anywhere in the world since it connects to most of the biggest stock exchanges.

Pocket Stock Monitor works on your PC and shows advanced stock views and charts. We were impressed with the interface, the possibility to check company news and the automatic quote fetcher.

Another Pocket PC solution to manage your stock, but with a simpler interface, is Stock Quotes and Charts. The stock market information is provided by Yahoo! and can be update in real time. You can read financial news for a particular company by clicking on its symbol.

Finally, for Symbian users, StockWatch is a portfolio manager to turn to. The program can retrieve the day’s values and you can fully edit all the information in your portfolio. It has access to the Yahoo! finance site but you’ll have to make sure you’re signed up to view it.

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