Power up Premiere with plug-ins

Get more from your copy of PremiereIf you want to produce professional quality videos from your bedroom then Adobe Premiere is a great choice. The editing suite is stacked with features to give you precise control over your productions and includes an unbelievable number of effects. However, if you’re greedy for even more power then why not get online and get hold of some plug-ins to add new features and functionality to Premiere?

There are dozens of sites around that house plug-ins, and a good opening port of call is Harry’s Filters. Here you’ll find more than 50 free filters that allow you to add new perspectives to your videos, representing a good example of just how useful plug-ins can be. If you’re on the hunt for interesting new transitions then I can recommend Mr Burger, who serves up 20 free enhancements ranging from drawing curtains to rolling marbles.

If VST effects are something you crave, head for mda-vst where you’ll find 30 free plug-ins for enhancing your video’s sound. There are effects here for adding distortion, 3D panning, simulating flange, and changing drum loop pitch.

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