Power-up your PowerPoint presentations

Power-up your PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint logoDespite several attempts at emulating it, there are few programs that have come close to Microsoft PowerPoint in terms of usability and implementation across business environments across the world. Chances are, if you’re attending a presentation at work today, it will have been made in PowerPoint.

Sometimes it seems the presentation is more important than the message though with colleagues trying to out-do each other with increasingly flashy presentations. If you want to impress the boss with the professionalism of your presentation then it’s worth using a few tools to help you. One of the most popular downloads remains Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint which helps you capture, synchronise and publish audio, video and other images. It spices-up the most bland presentation with jazzy graphics and video. For quite literally complete control over your presentations, ShowDirector for PowerPoint allows you to connect your PDA or mobile device to PowerPoint so you can control it remotely – a sure fire way to impress your boss/irritate your co-workers – even if the presentation doesn’t.

One of the most ubiquitous areas for PowerPoint related software concerns that of enhancing it’s distribution. This usually involves converting the presentation into Flash which can reduce the size of the file by up to 90% and not only make it easier to send via e-mail but also enable those that don’t have PowerPoint to view it too. PowerPoint to Flash very simply allows you to drag and drop presentations into the program before converting it. Another solution, although mainly aimed at minimising the size of your file, is PPTminimizer which also converts your presentation to Flash but mainly focuses on compressing any images and multimedia in it which take up the majority of the file space. Alternatively, if it’s not file size but general distribution you are worried about, then PowerPoint Slide Show Converter allows anyone to view your presentation in a simple slideshow.

Don’t forget that if your sending a PowerPoint presentation to someone who doesn’t have the program installed, they can still view them for free with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

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