Predict all the results of the World Cup matches with these great betting pool apps

Predict all the results of the World Cup matches with these great betting pool apps

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We are in soccer season, and the Qatar 2022 World Cup kicked off with all the excitement ahead. Surprising matches have brought us even more incredible results, such as Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina or Germany’s unexpected defeat against Japan.

Such unpredictable results have made it difficult for millions of fans to make betting pools for this World Cup, making it a challenging activity for professionals.

But despite being a challenge, nothing is more fun than predicting a result with your friends. Whether it’s to support your team or to do some trash talk to your mates, nothing makes us feel better than getting one of our predictions right. And even if we get good at it, we could become the “Paul the Octopus” of this World Cup.

So to help you never miss a prediction and become a true soccer oracle, here are the best apps and websites to predict all the results of the Qatar 2022 matches!

What apps can we use to predict the World Cup results?

Predicting the outcome of a soccer team is not an easy task. We must have extensive experience in how the team behaves, and analyze its performance and quality of play, to finally be able to determine which is better between the two options.

Although we can use data from the internet or listen to podcasts and analyses, one option that is easier for users is to use apps for it. These programs will not only allow you to find out who the winner of a match is, but you can also brag to your friends by knowing exactly why one team is better than the other.

Without further ado, here are the best options to consider.

FotMob – Soccer Results

If you have been in the world of soccer sports betting, it is not the first time you have heard about FotMob. It is an application that allows us to make a complete follow-up of each match and offer live results and alerts in case of any play out of the ordinary.

The app also helps us a lot in the technical area of soccer by providing us with statistics, team lineups, players with more ball possession, or a more dominant team. Finally, it also gives us the possible winner of the match.

Although FotMob is not specifically a site designed for betting pools, its large amount of data and excellent coverage makes it an unparalleled tool for making predictions.

Apps to predict World Cup results

365Scores: Live results

If what excites us is live soccer, 365Scores is the ideal application for it. This platform allows us to enjoy 2000 sports competitions, including the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

365Scores is an application with many similarities with others in the market, but its high customization makes it easier to handle than any other. Additionally, it has a large amount of unique data that will allow us to analyze teams and match development minute by minute.

As if that were not enough, we will also be able to access the technical data of each player, their game statistics, and a sports news section where we will find out about any change in the lineups.

Apps to predict World Cup results

Fútbol Resultados en directo

If we are looking to analyze only live matches, “Fútbol resultados en directo” is the application to look for. With it, we will be able to analyze not only the development of the match but also the performance of each player in it and the statistics derived from it.

This feature transforms the application into an excellent option to accompany you while you comfortably watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches in front of the TV. Finally, at the end of the match, it will give you a general summary of the entire game, showing you where the failures of each team were.

Which apps help us to make betting pools?

Older pool players may remember what it was like to write each result in a notebook. With this, we kept track of the best we had placed and could claim the prize if we won.

However, that is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, just by having a mobile device, we can count on many apps that help us make betting pools and play with our friends in one.

If you want to know some of the most used ones, here is a list:

Apps to predict World Cup results

Quiniela Pro – Mundial Qatar

If you want to organize predictions simply and fast, “Quiniela Pro – Mundial Qatar” is one of the best applications. It allows us to have our bet ready in seconds and then share our betting pool with friends.

In addition, it allows us to check the results of a live match completely free of charge, making it one of those applications worth keeping an eye on. Do you want to try it?

Apps to predict World Cup results


If you are looking for an app for betting pool veterans, Prode offers a unique and unparalleled experience. Its pleasant, intuitive design allows us to compete with our friends when predicting soccer matches in the World Cup and any other competition.

In addition to that, it has the possibility of creating several independent betting groups. This way, you can have several tournaments according to your social circles: office, neighbors, close friends, and even family.

Prode allows us to make predictions match by match and even change bets up to half an hour before the match so that you are always prepared. Finally, at the end of the events, they will be updated automatically, adding the corresponding score for each player in the table.

Apps to predict World Cup results

Quiniela Master Qatar 2022

This attractive application is designed to create betting pools from scratch and compete with your friends. Like the previous ones, it offers the possibility of competing with our acquaintances in tournaments and events. Still, it also has new options we will only enjoy when trying.

It is a super easy-to-use application, making it ideal for anyone not skilled with technology. Quiniela Master allows you to create your entire betting pool at the touch of a button: name, competition, and prize.

You only have to add your friends, and that’s it! You will have one of the most straightforward and best experiences an app can give you.

Apps to predict World Cup results

What sites can I use to create betting pools?

If installing an app on your phone can be a hassle, don’t worry! There are viable options for your computer. By simply accessing one of the following websites, you can also create your betting pools where you will compete with your friends to see who will be the seller of Qatar 2022.

La Porra del Mundial MARCA

The first of the list is a line sponsored by MARCA, and it takes us to one of the best sites to carry out all kinds of competitions with your friends and family. The page even offers fantastic prizes, where we can even win an iPhone 14 if we guess the winner of the World Cup.

Participating is very simple: we need to create our account and, without much ado, start predicting results. Its interface will keep the score automatically, showing each player’s score in real-time. Finally, if you have been unlucky, you can collect some extra points by answering bonus questions about soccer.

Apps to predict World Cup results

You can organize your betting pool quickly, simply and freely on this site. You can create your own room and invite your friends to start betting by opening an account.

However, the most incredible feature of this page is that it allows you to play with friends and against other platform users. Thanks to this feature, you can play individually without inviting friends.

Apps to predict World Cup results


The last site we recommend is the beautiful Kicktipp, a super intuitive site that allows us to organize any betting tournament without hassle.

Playing on Kicktipp is so easy when you press the “create room” button, select the competition and name it. Then you can set a password if you want it to be a private competition or leave it open to make it public.

You can also try public competitions to have someone to play with.

Apps to predict World Cup results

Ready to launch our World Cup predictions?

We no longer have any excuses not to start predicting! You can quickly predict the Qatar 2022 World Cup results with all these tools. No matter how good your friends are, you will be able to give a world-class competition when it comes to your predictions.

Who knows? You might be able to become as good an oracle as the animals that predict the games in each World Cup.

Apps to predict World Cup results

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