The Ultimate Streaming Guide for April: What’s New and What’s Worth Watching on Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and HBO Max

Amazon Prime Video premieres Citadel, the second most expensive series in history

The Ultimate Streaming Guide for April: What’s New and What’s Worth Watching on Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and HBO Max
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

April is a month of premieres, and the platforms know it. Although we have had three months of great series and movie releases, with special attention to The Mandalorian, The Last of Us or Ted Lasso, what is to come is, if possible, more exciting.

Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and HBO Max all have some very interesting surprises in store for April. But the most powerful of them all is in store for Amazon Prime Video. At the end of the month it will launch Citadel, the second most expensive series in history after The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

But let’s take a look at everything that this month of April will bring us, as there is a lot to see and it will be very interesting.

Netflix releases in April

Some of the most interesting premieres of the month come from Netflix, which takes the lead as the one that will launch the most series in the coming weeks. We have renewals -surprisingly for this platform-, national and international fictions. There is something for everyone. We leave you with some of the most interesting ones.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

The Last Kingdom has become one of the most interesting series in the entire Netflix catalog. The medieval series ended with the fifth season, but now a spin-off movie is being released in which we will follow the story of Uhtred in new epic battles of power.

Premiere date: 04/14


An interesting series to be released by Netflix in April is Transatlantic, a new period gem that aims to repeat the platform’s previous successes. In it, we travel to Marseille in 1940 to meet two Americans who set up an operation to help artists and other refugees who want to flee Europe in World War II.

Premiere date: 04/07

Sweet Tooth – Season 2

A nice surprise from Netflix in 2021 was Sweet Tooth, a series that adapts Jeff Lemire’s comic book and tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which there are hybrids of humans and animals. After the success of the first episodes, the second season is expected to follow suit.

Premiere date: 04/27

Featured Netflix releases in April
  • War Sailor – 02/04
  • BEEF – 04/06
  • Transatlantic – 04/07
  • Florida Man – 04/13
  • Obsession – 04/13
  • The Last Kingdom – 04/14
  • The Diplomat – 04/20
  • Welcome to Eden (S2) – 04/21
  • Sweeth Tooth (S2) – 04/27

Disney Plus releases in April

Disney+ continues to release new episodes of The Mandalorian on a weekly basis. But the Star Wars series is far from being the only good thing in its catalog. In April, they will take the opportunity to launch all kinds of new series and movies that will win over the general public.

How I Met Your Father – Season 2

This series derived from How I Met Your Mother reaches its second season, starring Hilary Duff again. Despite not having the great success of the original series, the sitcom has garnered a large audience that will follow attentively these new chapters.

Premiere date: 04/19

Tiny Beautiful Things

Starring Kathryn Hahn, famous at Marvel for her wonderful Agatha Harkness, this series tells the story of a woman who reluctantly becomes Dear Sugar. She soon realizes that she can’t stop being an advice columnist even when no one asks her to.

Premiere date: 07/04

Featured Disney Plus releases in April
  • Good Moms- 04/05
  • The Crossove- 04/05
  • Will Trent- 04/05
  • Tiny Beautiful Things – 04/07
  • How I Met Your Father (S2) – 04/19
  • Tú también lo harías – 04/26
  • Sam Meffire: Fall of a Saxon Symbol- 04/26

AppleTV+ releases in April

Apple TV+ continues in its race to stand out as one of the best catalogs of current streaming services, and it does so through new releases that quickly become a guarantee of quality. In April it has four very outstanding premieres, among which the return of The Afterparty stands out.

The Afterparty – Season 2

Agatha Christie-like but with a more interesting comedy twist, The Afterparty tells the story of how a high school party ends with an unexpected death. All the attendees become suspects, and a detective sets out to find the truth behind each testimony to reveal the culprit of the crime. The second season promises a new crime.

Premiere date: 04/28

Featured AppleTV+ releases in April
  • Schmigadoon! (S2) – 04/07
  • The Last Thing He Told Me – 04/14
  • Drops of God – 04/21
  • The Afterparty (S2) – 04/28

Amazon Prime Video releases in April

Amazon Prime Video arrives this month with two series finales and a great apotheosis: Citadel. As we said at the beginning, it will be the second most expensive series in history, so all the platform’s efforts are focused on making it work as it should.

Amazon Prime Video DOWNLOAD

Directed by the Russo Brothers, the series centers on the downfall of Citadel, a world-renowned espionage agency. After facing the agents of Manticore, a syndicate that manipulates the world from the shadows, it must be enhanced to protect the entire planet from the terrible consequences this can have. The main character is Richard Madden.

Premiere date: 04/28

Featured Amazon Prime Video releases in April
  • The Boarding School: Las Cumbres (S3 / Final) – 04/07
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (S5 / Final) – 04/14
  • Citadel – 04/28
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HBO Max releases in April

The platform has been having a blast for several months in the strongest possible way. At the beginning of the year it premiered The Last of Us, which has quickly become the series of the season -and the one that has more chances to take it all in future awards-. And just recently it released the latest season of Succession, which it hopes will live up to its audience. But April will also be a very interesting month for the VOD platform.

Barry – Season 4

Barry’s hilarious story tells how a former Marine turned assassin ends up taking a keen interest in the performing arts and becoming an actor when he gets a job in Los Angeles. This changes his outlook on life forever.

Premiere date: 04/17

Featured HBO Max releases in April
  • Barry (S4 / Final) – 04/17
  • Love and Death – 04/27
  • Playing Dirty – 04/28


This new platform has just landed in our country. And yet, it has an exquisite catalog. Beyond Twin Peaks and The Offer, two of the great releases that have come with SkyShowtime, the idea of the VOD service is to increasingly expand its catalog. And for this it has few but very interesting premieres. In April, there will be one that will make fans of toupees and leather jackets tremble.

SkyShowtime DOWNLOAD
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

This Grease prequel series travels back to 1954, four years before the events of the story starring Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, to tell the unknown story of the origins of the girl band known as the Pink Ladies. A prequel that promises to take the best of the original film but also expand the universe known to all.

Featured SkyShowtime releases in April
  • Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies – 04/07
  • Drift. Partners in crime – 04/25
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