Preview: Exclusive interview with Voddler

Preview: Exclusive interview with Voddler

Mathias TNext week we’ll be publishing an exclusive in-depth video interview with Mathias Tönnesson, Vice President of Business Development at the “Spotify for movies” service Voddler. The half-hour interview covers everything from a look at Voddler’s basic business model and what has driven its success in Sweden to questions about content, quality and availability of the service that I’m sure many readers have.

It’s a fascinating insight behind the scenes of one of the hottest dotcoms around as well a tantalizing taster of the exciting things to come for those eager to try the service. For now though, here is sneak preview of what’s to look forward to in the interview:

For most internet startups such as Voddler, it can be very hard to attract investment. You’ve just announced another new 2.5 million Euro investment deal with Eqvitec. How have you been to attract such investment so far?

Tönnesson: I think it’s the quality of the product we are offering. I obviously can’t go into too much detail about the various partnerships we have but I think it’s the technique, that’s the important thing that attracts investment. The Voddler net streaming technology is a world unique product secured by over 30 patents of how you stablise video, how you put movies out over a P2P network, how the network takes slices of data from other users and puts it all together in DVD quality etc. Everything is secured by the 30 patents and that’s what brings attention to the final product because investors see it as a fantastic technical platform.

Do you think you will ever get to the stage where you are able to publish films on Voddler at the same time as they are released at the cinema?

Tönnesson: We hope. Of course, we need to work very very closely with our content owners. But for example, Avatar is the most downloaded film ever on Pirate Bay. And I think if you would allow a window of opportunity for viewers to watch it on Voddler at the same time as the American cinema release, I think you’d find thousands and thousands of Swedes watching it legally, and paying for it. And I think you would find a lot of people willing to pay to watch it – not just a few Euros but even as much as thirteen Euros for the opportunity to watch it in DVD quality, in a comfortable environment with Swedish subtitles. I think a lot of people would be willing to pay that. In that way, the distributors will be earning money that would other be lost to illegal downloading.

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