Protect the security of your phone

Protect the security of your phone

Keep your phone under lock and keyIf a teenager from New Jersey can unlock an iPhone, you realise how sensitive mobiles are to attack. It only needs you to leave you phone unattended on the seat next to you on the bus and all of a sudden your whole communication world can collapse.

Besides theft and hacking, cellphones are also at risk from viruses downloaded in incoming messages or when you’re online on your phone. Although not as common as PC viruses, it’s just as important to protect your mobile device from bugs as it is on a computer. I’ve picked out an essential toolkit of mobile software to keep your phone secure:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile – One of the most comprehensive antivirus solutions for handhelds, Kaspersky protects your device without draining system resources, making it an essential for any security-savvy user.

Smart Guard – There’s more data about your personal life on your phone than almost anywhere else. Smart Guard protects all of your personal information, such as messages, contacts, videos and pictures, both in the internal memory and on memory cards.

Phone Guardian – Getting your phone stolen is a real drag. Phone Guardian makes this occurrence a little more bearable, allowing you to remotely secure and auto-lock your Symbian phone by sending it a lock SMS.

Smart Gallery – Another program for blocking Peeping Toms, Smart Gallery lets you apply protection to your photos, sounds, video and more. This means that you’ll be the only one who can access the protected areas of your phone.

Mobile Alarm – I love this app because it allows you to catch phone thieves red-handed. By transparently using your phone’s camera, Mobile Alarm will trigger a siren whenever the mobile is moved.

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