Protect your photos with a watermark

1-More Watermarker logoIf you’ve got hundreds of photos online, you might be worried that they’re being copied or used by other without your consent. One simple way to protect them is by adding a watermark. One of the easiest and most effective I’ve used is 1-More Watermarker which enables you to insert text or an emblem to any part of your images. You can choose the intensity, font, and color of your identifying signature and it gives you a lot of control over where you place it.

If you’ve got a lot of images to protect, the batch process feature allows you to effectively apply watermarks to a large number of images. It can also be set to ‘semi-automatic mode’ which allows you to modify pictures on an individual level. As regards control over watermarks, you can set the exact positioning of watermarks (text or graphics) by setting the distance to the border from a chosen position. There’s also a new method that’s been added called “hidden text” which imprints notes into the graphic file although this is not available for JPEG due to compression.

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