Protect yourself against file corruption

Protect yourself against file corruption

ICC ECThere’s enough corruption in the world without worrying whether your precious files are going to suffer the worst. There a few things more annoying than an important file that suddenly won’t open or suddenly decides to delete half of your data. This can be caused by damaged hard drives or simply malware which damages the integrity of your files.

The most simple solution is regular backups but if you want to be really sure, there is one program out there which can go one step further. ICE ECC was created to deal with the recovery of corrupt files, mainly from potentially unstable CD-R and DVD-R disks.

ICE ECC works by ‘inoculating’ files against corruption by creating recovery/backup files of the data in an ‘.ecc’ file. When you want to verify whether the file has been modified or if the data in it has been corrupted, you select the .ecc file and click ‘Verify’. ICE ECC will then do a full analysis of the file and let you know if it has been corrupted, in which case the program will automatically recover it for you. A nice, reliable backup tool.

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