Push for Pizza helps the lazy order delivery with one tap [video]

Push for Pizza helps the lazy order delivery with one tap [video]

Silicon Valley brogrammers have done it again. New app Push for Pizza lets you order a pizza in one tap and yes, this is a real app.

I never realized how difficult it is to order pizza online or over the phone, but apparently, there’s a need for one-tap-pizza. The app works by storing your address and payment info in the app, letting you order either a cheese or pepperoni pizza instantly.

Push for Pizza combined interface

If this sounds like an app thought up by a couple of pimply teenagers high out of their minds, you’d be right. Push for Pizza was created by five Brooklyn teens who are completely self-aware that their app sounds silly. Check out their “true story” in their marketing video below.

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This isn’t the first app designed to make it easy to order pizza. Last year, Pizza Hut released an app for the Xbox 360 that let gamers build and order a pie from their gaming console.

But hey, if you want to give up choice for convenience, by all means give Push for Pizza a try. The app is free and currently only available on iOS.

Download Push for Pizza for iOS

Via: TechCrunch

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