Put a Halt! to online gambling

Halt logoOnline gambling is an increasing problem among internet users and particularly those that gamble regularly offline. The ease of access that the internet provides to gambling makes it simply just too tempting for some. There are some basic measures you can take to reduce the risk that you will become addicted but you can also use Halt! to help you get over it.

Halt! allows you to specifically target those pop-ups to gambling sites that often draw people in. It lets you create your own list of sites that you want to block and specifies categories with your own blocking rules. So for example, you can start by adding a category such as “$$$”, add a description such as “High Risk Gambling” and set the blocking rule for this category to ‘Always’ and a date when this rule should expire. This is extremely useful as many pop-up blockers fail to be effective at blocking gambling ads after a few attempts because they manage to circumvent them by other means.

However be warned – Halt! was written to help people with an addiction to internet gambling so it’s designed to be difficult to disable or uninstall. A password (entered during installation) is required to stop or uninstall this program and if you forget it, it’s very hard to remove.

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