Que sera, sera?

Que sera, sera?

It’s a mystery that has challenged man since the beginning of time – from Nostradamus to David Copperfield – how to predict the future. While we can’t make any guarantees, we can offer a few crystal balls to help you through 2007.

If your moods are up and down like a yoyo, one way to monitor them is with Biorhythm Calculator. Your biorhythm is the cyclic evolution of your physiological state according to monthly, yearly and environmental changes. This program allows you to predict your emotional, physical and intellectual state based on your date of birth. You can even track celebrity biorhythms so you can see exactly how you compare to Britney Spears or even that Scientologist-du-jour, Tom Cruise.

If you look to the skies for inspiration, Asynx Planetarium might be your best bet. While offering no personal predictions, it can offer an insight into the night skies thousands of years into the future upon which you can predict your astrological destiny.

Finally, if stock market prediction is more your thing, check out SprinN Professional. SprinN monitors the latest stock market data to give you predictions on market indices, share prices and currency fluctuations.

Note that we can’t guarantee the accuracy of any of these programs but if anyone finds remarkable similarities between their psychological state and Hugh Heffner’s or makes a fortune on the stock market, please let us know.

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