Quicken for Mac due in February but may disappoint

Quicken for Mac due in February but may disappoint

Quicken for MacThose who have made a new year resolution to keep their finances in check this year will be pleased to hear that Quicken for Mac 2010 is due for release in February. The popular financial app, which allows you to track and monitor your finances, hasn’t been updated since 2007 and a revamp is long overdue. However, the app is likely is receive a frosty reception from disgruntled Mac users.

One problem with Quicken 2007 is that there are very few other financial apps that you can import data into meaning Quicken users have had no choice but to wait for the much delayed update. It is the decision to drop certain features though that may disappoint many.

Annoyingly, major features such as the ability to pay bills, store investment transaction history and export to TurboTax have been dropped in the 2010 version. It will however continue to import data from previous versions of Quicken including Quicken Windows.

If you’re one of those that’s had enough of Quicken or aren’t too happy about some of the changes that have been made, I suggest you try iBank which offers most of Quicken’s features with a much lower price tag. However, it won’t import data from Quicken and if this is a priority for you, try using Fortora Fresh Finance which can although it is a bit limited.

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