Quickly save online recipes to Google Docs

Quickly save online recipes to Google Docs

I’ve been whipping up lots of recipes I’ve got off the internet lately. I’m not showing off, but I’m surprised our house hasn’t been given a Michelin star by now. My problem, however, is that by the time the dish is digesting I’ve already forgotten where I got the recipe from.

Luckily for my girlfriend I’ve just discovered a handy Google Chrome extension called gRecipes. This add-on lets you instantly save internet recipes to Google Docs just by clicking an icon the Chrome address bar. Recipes are stored as text document, with standardized formatting, making it practical to print them out to create your own personalized cookbook, or share them with your buddies using Gmail.

gRecipes currently only works with recipes from Food.com, Epicurious, Food & Wine, and AllRecipes. It’s a shame there aren’t more supported sites, although the developer claims to be working on this. Here’s hoping my current oracle, BBC Good Food, gets added. Man, I’m getting hungry now.

Store recipes in Google Docs

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