Quicksilver now works with OS X Lion

Fans of handy app and folder launcher Quicksilver will be pleased to hear that it has now been updated to work with Lion.

Despite the introduction of integrated search Spotlight in OS X, Quicksilver remains a very popular application with Mac users.
If you’ve never used it, Quicksilver allows you to search just about any program, folder or file with a few keystrokes. You don’t have to go searching through your files and you don’t have to worry about how your folders are arranged.

The new update also features 40 other new feature additions, fixes and changes including automatic plugin updates.

One of the things that Quicksilver users prefer over Spotlight is that it “learns” from your search requests and recalls those items that you search for most frequently. The other bonus is that unlike Spotlight, Quicksilver can be extended with plugins including everything from dialing a phone number to interacting with iTunes.

Check out Quicksilver on Lion by trying it for yourself here.

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