Quintura goes online

Quintura goes online

quintura_logo.gifWhen we first took a look at Quintura Search a few months back, we touted the program as a potential revolutionary in the Internet search world. Since then, we’ve seen a rise in tag-based ‘cloud’ searching technology (including, incidentally, our very own Softonic hot search facility), where popular searches appear in a larger font and spawn related keywords, taking you down a particular avenue of enquiry.

While we were impressed by Quintura’s desktop search, the application never really captured the public’s imagination on a major scale. In an effort to have another stab at the likes of Google and Yahoo!, the developer has decided to jump aboard the Web 2.0 bandwagon by launching an online version of its app.

The new version certainly represents a step forward for Quintura, and the visual interface is a lot clearer than in the previous release. We miss the way you can reduce the scope of the search using a scroll bar, although this option is still available through a settings dialog. Although some searches still take you down some strange and random routes, the engine seems to have improved thanks to the integration of Yahoo XML.

The application provides a unique way of searching the web, giving you the flexibility to manipulate and change results before displaying them in a variety. Admittedly, it will tough for Quintura to lure users away from traditional engines but by putting the service online it broadens the scope for accessing the service.

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