Radio recording made easy

omr.jpgRecording broadcasts from the radio can be useful for a number of reasons. Maybe you don’t have time to listen to a program and want to hear it later. Or maybe it’s a show you really like and want to share with friends. Either way, there have always been several programs on Softonic that allow you to record your favourite radio broadcasts and now with Web 2.0 taking off, your options just got better.

One of the best programs out there is StepVoice Recorder which can’t be beaten simply for its flexibility. It can record not only radio but absolutely anything that goes through your soundcard. Even better, it records everything in Mp3 format meaning you don’t have to mess around converting it later. If you want to record in WAV format on the other hand, try Mp3myMp3. For something tailored specifically for radio recording, Replay AV does the job and looks good too. One of the best features of this program is that you can schedule it to record programs when you are away from your computer. In fact, it can record just about any streaming media including TV broadcasts – great for posting footage on YouTube.

However, nowadays you’re not just limited to software. Online Music Recorder is a Web 2.0 application that automatically records music tracks from radio stations. What’s more, all of the music recorded by users is shared so that you gain access to a huge database of songs when you sign-up. The best thing is that, unlike some P2P file sharing networks, Online Music Recorder is legal because the developers have a licensing agreement which allows them to record a limited number of tracks. All of the songs are stored online although you need to download a decoder to listen to them. So tune-in today!

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